Organic Kombucha Scoby

Our scobys are hearty and robust – it has been found that different kombucha lineages can handle varying levels of stress. Some need a little black tea at all times, others can go without. This lineage can handle a lot of stress!  You can feed it only white tea, only green tea, or a mixture with a little bit of black, and I have yet to see one die – even after experimenting with a year or more of repeated feedings without black tea! These scobys are organically raised and fed, 100%, and nourished with our award-winning clean well water or purified water only. One organic scoby is $30 plus shipping, which will vary based on your location. Send me an e-mail in the form below! Read more about how I use my scoby here.

Use this scoby to make facial pastes, or the kombucha to make hair tonics! 

What is this place?

My name is Andrea, or Mrs H if you prefer formalities (let’s not stand on ceremony, though!).

I started writing my blog in 2009, chronicling life as a married gal and trotting the world in pursuit of my Navy husband.  I moved the blog over here to Farm and Hearth in 2014 when the scope and audience of the blog began to expand and evolve, necessitating a facelift, a platform shift, and a new mission!  No longer serving just the newlywed gals, now our audience includes culinary professionals, farming enthusiasts and anecdote-seekers. Photographic lovers, recipe makers, garden gardeners and chicken keepers are just a few of the people that ply the pages here; readers, artists and lovers all.

As a yoga teacher, food preservationist, food historian and a mommy to our little boy, I bring all these joyful pursuits together under one sunny beach umbrella here on the blog (did I mention I love beaches, too?  Sunny ones, especially, but the raging coasts of the Pacific Northwest will always be a stormy home to me!).



Read a little more about what we do, what the Food Lab is and how this all came about here, in our inaugural welcome post.

What brings you here today?  We meet under the strangest circumstances sometimes, so why not a blog?  Drop me a line and I’ll write you back. I love chatting, and you could be a good friend.

Photos by Sami Roy Photography

5 thoughts on “Hearthside

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  2. Andrea, It’s so fun to see how your industrious, creative self is bursting forth with ideas and inspiring many. Keep on girl! Love to you. And manymany thanks for all those years of help you gave me!


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