Favorite Young Living Gifts – guest post by my mom!!!

Thanks to my mom, Leslie, for coming up with this fabulous list of non-toxic Young Living gifts and guest-posting it on my blog today!
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 Happy Holidays!!!
Dear Farm and Hearth Readers,
You want to go Christmas shopping, be smart, stick to your December budget – and you still want to get oils to increase the health and vitality in your home … this is how you can do both!
Ranging from little stocking stuffers to larger gifts, and including some bundles of discounted oils or gifts that you could break up and gift separately – I assure you I will happily take any of these as a gift (hehe!), and anyone in your life would enjoy these!!! I’ve organized them by price, starting with the smallest!
Feel free to share your own oily gift ideas in the comments! 

My Favorite Young Living Gifts 

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Thieves Dental Floss $3.25
The tiniest little way to stuff some Thieves in their stocking! You can buy the three pack ($8.75) if you want to keep some yourself and give some away.
Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier $5.00
Slip this in their stocking, or put it in the pocket of a new backpack as a surprise gift. Buy the three-pack ($13.75) to share more clean holiday spirit. This hand purifier is not only toxin-free, but safe for the thriving gut biome you’ve nurtured with your healthy eating. 
Thieves Fruit & Veggie Spray $8.25
New Years Day is when everyone wants to start eating clean and fresh! Tie on a nice curly ribbon and tuck this spray into the stocking to support their next Whole30 or juice cleanse!
Chocolessence 3-ounce Bar $8.75
Choose between tangerine-ginger or cinnamon-nutmeg-clove, or buy the 8-pack bundle (keep reading!). Delicious and infused with your favorite essential oils!
Essential Oil Samples $10.00
Did you know you can buy 10-packs of essential oils in little foil sample packets? Slip them into glass bottles, pair them up with a bag of bath salts, and share your love of oils! Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Purification, or Thieves are all available.
Bar Soap $10.45
Luxury bar soap, completely toxin-free! Share your love of health and well-being with these cute stocking stuffers. Lemon Sandalwood, Melaleuca Geranium, Peppermint Cedarwood, Sacred Mountain, or Lavender Oatmeal. For an increased price ($19.75), you can treat your man to the masculine scent of the Shutran Bar Soap.
2016 Lip Balm Set $16.00
Four delicious lip balms, including Vanillamint which is ONLY available in this special holiday set until December 31st! Lavender, grapefruit and cinnamint make up the rest of the pack, and you can gift them together in the cute gift packaging included, or separately.
Ningxia Red Glasses $16.00
Put your shot of Ningxia in this elegant stemware, or gift a bottle with a pair of these glasses! Nothing like a fine dinner where you can drink to the health of the party, and actually make them healthier at the same time!
Thieves Fruit & Veggie Soak $19.25
Imagine gifting a big fruit basket with a Thieves fruit and veggie soak tucked inside! This is an excellent soak for cleansing fruits and veggies, and remember – you need to clean the organic produce, too! Just a teaspoon is enough for a whole gallon of water.
Shutran Shave Oil $19.75
Shave oil for men – a close, clean shave with hydrating oils and the Shutran oil blend. Stuff this in his stocking with a pack of fresh new razors!
Mirah Shave Oil $22.75
A silky-smooth shave that nourishes and heals, introducing pure essential oils to your skin as a part of your morning routine. Designed for women, this shave oil is aromatic and soft!
Shutran Aftershave Lotion $26.00
Just for men – the masculine, woodsy cologne of Shutran is invigorating and uplifting, and keeps his routine toxin-free and healthy.
Thieves AromaBright Toothpaste 5-pack $28.00
A five-pack of travel-size toothpastes makes an inexpensive and easy way to fill stockings with cheer since everyone is gnawing on candy canes and presumably rotting their teeth out! Gift them with some toothbrushes or a pack of floss to round out the full package.
Thieves Mints Three-Pack $34.50
Are they candy, or are they immune-supporting breath mints? Does it really matter? They are delicious! You can buy as a single tin ($12.75 each) or as a three-pack. Stuff in stockings or hang on the tree as a tasty surprise!
Ningxia Zyng 12-pack $34.75
Ice-cold and carbonated, perfect stocking stuffers for everyone who needs a shot of energy and delicious flavor. If you’re opening the pack to share, you might as well take one (or two) for yourself, heh, heh.
KidScents Bath Time Set $37.50
For the favorite kids or grandkids in your life (heh, heh). Proven favorites of my own grandkids (!), the shampoo and bath gel comes with a cute little bath scrubbie. Include a set of fun bath toys from any store, and you’ve got a bundle!
Ningxia Nitro 15-pack $38.75 (FREE with 250PV promos!!)
The Ningxia Nitros are fabulous little energy shots for any time of day! Surviving the Christmas shopping, or worse yet the Christmas wrapping (!!!), and finding those scissors for the eighieth time – I’m not sure if you should gift these or keep them for yourself?!
L’Briante Lip Gloss and Scent $39.75
This is the one every woman wants! There are a variety of glosses and essential oil duos to choose from in this brilliant pairing of lip gloss with an oil, all in one handy, elegant stick. The RED lip gloss comes with Amoresscence – an exotic, romantic aroma that you can ONLY get with this L’Briante Lip Gloss or by attending Beauty School with Young Living!!
Bon Voyage Travel Pack $55.00
A darling bundle of ten travel-size items from the Young Living personal care products collection! Gift the whole package in the included travel bag, or use them as cute little stocking stuffers.
KidScents Oils Mini Set $55.25
Owie, SniffleEase, and TummyGize – a health-supporting trio for the kids to help keep them going all year long. Ready to roll right on, these go in mom’s purse or the kid’s backpack and the day is ready!
Chocolessence Combo Pack $66.50
This combo pack gives you a little discount on buying them individually. Eight of the 3-ounce bars of Equadorian chocolate – four of each flavor. These make an excellent healthful sweet to gift, or to give with a sweet Christmas card.
EndoShield $79.75
Another exellent bundle that can be given as a set or gifted separately, EndoShield contains a collection of oils and a supplement geared towards protecting your body from premature aging and endocrine issues. Longevity softgels, Melrose 15mL, Citrus Fresh 15mL, and EndoFlex 15mL create a powerful, supercharged physical barrier of protection.
Ningxia Red Holiday Set $85.00
What could you bring a hostess instead of a bottle of wine? Obviously – Ningxia Red! The Holiday Set comes with two bottles, five greeting cards and a $5 donation to the Young Living Foundation. (Alternatively – buy the two-pack of Ningxia Red for $71.00)
QuadShield $100.00
This is the gift you’ll want to keep (!) or maybe gift part of, and keep part of!? All of these make a fabulous set to help shield yourself from all the wintery bugs. Super C, Melrose 15mL, Longevity Softgels and Thyromin give you a total health package.
2016 Essential Oil Culinary Collection $110.25
10 5-mL bottles of Vitality Oils! The bundle price saves you 10% off the price of buying the oils individually. Gift them all to one lucky recipient, or break them up and gift them with a wooden spoon or a glass drinking bottle!
Feelings Kit $170.75
You’ve heard of it, but it has been out of stock for SO LONG – now it is BACK for an unknown length of time!! The Feelings Kit is all about the emotional base of the oils – reaching deep into the limbic system and cleansing emotions and old habits and patterns. Gift the whole set, or separate the oils and gift them individually. Harmony, Forgiveness, Inner Child, Present Time, Release and Valor II make up this outstanding collection.
Don’t forget the furred family members! A whole line of essential oil blends geared towards your pets, as well as an animal ointment, dental chews and and shampoo support their healthy pet lifestyle, too.
To order any of these gifts, log in to your account at www.youngliving.com or click here for a first-time order. Try ordering them on Essential Rewards if you haven’t use that yet, or place a Quick Order! If you have any questions about how to order, I will be happy to chat with you over e-mail! wheelsturn (a) gmail (dot) com
Have fun and happy gifting!