Printable Recipes

In the Food Lab
recipes from our cooking technique classes and farm kitchen experiments

How to Flavor Kombucha  |  Of course I prefer the break the rules and do it Wrong. No second ferment for me! Strawberry Sunshine and Cream of Vanilla Chai Spice Kombucha and MORE ….

Real Food Rice Preparation  |  Want to prepare rice, but make it less of a glucose spike for your system, and boost the nutritional value?  Simple instructions make it easy to enjoy.

Baking Powder  |  Clean-eating, Whole30 and Paleo approved, this baking powder is simple, with no aluminum or corn. Starch-free or not, variations included.

Pressure Canning with Homemade Refried Beans  |  These beans a la charra are the best I’ve ever had, and you’ll love them, too. Instructions for pressure canning are included. Proceed at your own risk! Print the PDF

The Ten-Pound Cleanse  |  If you’re new to eating cleaner foods, this is a great introduction or even a preparation for Whole30. This also includes the download link to a folder of many of my favorite smoothie creations! Print the PDF

Simple Seasonal Sauerkraut with FAQs  |  Kraut Food Labs are always fun, but this one was particularly so because we put together a huge, monstrous batch of kraut on top of our individual mixtures! Learn how to make your own kraut, and mix it up with what is seasonally available; find some of the greatest fermenting resources I know of, and scan through the FAQs!  Download the recipe and FAQs

Kombucha Making, Flavoring and Using  |  Our kombucha Food Lab is one of the most popular we offer, and we’ve taken it on the road a number of times to different venues!  The class packet includes recipes for making our taste-award-winning fresh kombucha at home, as well as how to flavor it, and use it in a variety of recipes – including as a part of your morning hygiene routine!  Download the whole class packet 

Asian Noodles Level One  |  The Asian Noodle Food Lab was not only extremely successful, it left everyone with a hunger for ramen and hot broth, and rice noodles in stir-fry.  Spoil yourself and download the whole recipe packet – or visit the blog post to choose between the eleven recipes shared.  You will be thrilled by the authenticity and deliciousness that awaits!  Download the whole class packet

Canning Dill Pickles  |  The canning Food Lab is one of our most-requested Food Labe events!  Review a recipe for our most popular home-canned dill pickles, along with a full canning syllabus including step-by-step instructions for waterbath canning in your own kitchen.  Piccalilli, pickled radishes and more are all included in the full class packet.  Fresh-Pack Dill Pickles  |  Download the whole class packet

Dill Pickles on the Family Farm  |  Canning dill pickles with a family crew is insanely fun! What else can go in the jar besides cucumbers? Turns out, lots of cool things. Do try this at home. Favorite Dill Pickles

70 Awesome Things To Do With Your Vitamix  |  You can seriously do a lot of things with the Vitamix.  Why do I recommend it as the first big splurge of your kitchen, or as the #1 back-to-college gift?  Because it will save you so many other tools!  Some of them are fun to have, but if you’re short on space, you have a Vitamix or you are on the fence about getting one, watch and learn.  Download a printable list of the 70 Things

Charcuterie Level One  |  In our Charcuterie Level One class, we made a home-cured bacon, and unstuffed merguez-style ground sausage, and cured egg yolks. Print Level One Syllabus | Home-Cured Bacon | Merguez Unstuffed Sausage | Cured Egg YolksDownload the whole class packet 

Fruit Scrap Vinegar  |  Organic and sustainable food is a lot of work to grow.  Instead of throwing away those strawberry hulls, apple peelings or pineapple skins, reduce your household waste and grocery expenses by making them into delicious, twice-fermented vinegar at home!  Print Fruit Scrap Vinegar recipe

Instant Pot Recipes 
for when you just can’t wait

Lentil Stew in 30 Minutes  |  Nothing says the good life like lentils this fast. Can I just say how happy I am I got an Instant Pot?

Instant Chicken Barley Soup  |  I have frozen chicken and I want to eat chicken soup right now. Solution? Instant Pot.

Family Meals on the Farm
lunch is at noon, so wash up!

Four Infused Chocolate Treats  |  Valentine’s Day can be special, infused and chocolatey, and it’s wicked easy to make all of these (but they look fancy enough to make it look like you tried really hard) …. so dig in and enjoy. Print the PDF

Ginger Ice Cubes and Good Girl Moonshine Tweak  |  Make frosty, pungent ginger ice cubes to add zip and zing to any drink or smoothie! Try the Good Girl Moonshine Tweak and I know you’ll be back for more … it’s doggone good. Print the PDF

Clean Energy: Bulletproof Choffy Latte, Ningxia Red Mocktail  |  Having clean, natural sources of energy that don’t send your body into a tailspin is incredible! Print the PDF 

Silky Squash Soup, Maple-Glazed Baked Winter Vegetables, Spicy Sweet Potato Oven Fries, Fermented Dipping Sauce, Maple Cornbread  |  This comprehensive fall menu is sure to satisfy the soul with rich, meltingly delicious root-vegetable recipes. Print the PDF

Coco-Almond Dream Smoothie  |  This is a melt-your-heart smoothie for indulging the senses. It still qualifies as real food and nutritious, though, with the only sugar coming from the banana. Print the PDF

Internationally Acclaimed Banana Bread  |  This banana bread has been in the family for decades; it does not promise to be gluten-free, sugar-free or healthy. It is, however, the best daggone banana bread I’ve ever had in my life. Print the PDF

UnGranola Porridge  |  Eating Whole30 or grain-free, and getting a little sick of eggs and avocado for breakfast?  This comforting, satisfying, hot bowl of porridge will hit the spot. No grains, no pseudo-grains. Print the PDF

Moo Shoo Turkey Wraps & Turkey and Bean Burritos  |  Leftover turkey – or any cooked meat that can be shredded, actually – is the perfect ingredient for a quick and delicious meal. These juicy, fat meals, rolled into tortillas or rice wraps (take your pick) will be an instant win with the family – and the cook never needs to tell how easy they were to assemble … Print the PDF

African Samosas  |  Nothing hits the spot like some fried samosas – meat-filled or vegetarian, they are a splendid meal in themselves. It’s also a great way to show off my second instructional video – and get this, I even added some themed music. Impressive? I think so. Print the PDF  |  Watch the video 

Cold Overnight Salad  |  A long-standing favorite for blog-readers, this has always been one of the most popular recipes we’ve shared. It’s been pronounced a winner by everybody who’s tried it – even die-hard salad-haters! I know your family will love it as much as we do – which is a lot.  Print the PDF

Kenyan-Style Chai Masala  |  The first recipe to come with an instructional video, this one has been hotly requested from many of you. It’s a thrill to be able to share it, and my Kenyan friends have shared it with their friends, who have been asking them for it! This rich, spicy tea is a way to welcome warmly in winter, and cool down in the summer – delight your guests!  Print the PDF  |  Watch the video

Chopped Late-Summer Salad  |  Let’s be honest – this salad is good any time of year.  Varying the ingredients to match your region or season, it’s not too hard to come up with the perfect, delicious mixture of textures! This chopped salad is fast, simple and delightfully refreshing. Print the PDF

Staff Lunch Pork Belly  |  The leftover pork from a charcuterie Food Lab made a delicious lunch for the farmhands. It sat, uncovered, in the fridge overnight, and got nice and dry. Print the PDF

It’s Not Even Food
homestead recipes reach beyond the bounds of meals

Laundry Detergent – Cloth Diaper-Safe  |  A simple three-ingredient detergent that bypasses fillers, fragrances and skin-aggravating bleaches. Download the Detergent recipe





trim healthy mama




Johnny-jump-up infused grapeseed oil, lemon balm, early summer strawberry, garlic scapes, and sea salt


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