Cut the Crap – alternative energy that’s healthy and stuff

Dear Groggy,

We all know those energy drinks are so horrid for you. And beautiful, lovely coffee is a toxin that, as fragrant and heavenly as it is, brings our frequency down, raises our acidity and makes our heart race.

What are some other alternative sources of energy?

To start with, getting sleep on track is the most important factor. According to neurologists, if you wake up to an alarm – you’re sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation is the start of a slippery slope of brain damage. Scary, right? I’ll share more about sleep in a follow-up post (link will be added here when it is live).

So here we are, and we need energy. What are some alternative sources?

Choffy: Brewed Chocolate

Choffy is super delicious. It’s crushed cacao beans that you can brew in a French press just like coffee – it’s high in iron, has the delicious aroma of chocolate, and packs a punch of clean energy that doesn’t have a caffeine crash. It is non-addicting, but I have to say I love it so much that maybe I got addicted after all? Pictured here: my Paleo bulletproof Choffy latte (vegan option), recipe follows!

I think you have to purchase through a distributor, but I get a steady supply from my aunt who has a friend who sells it, so I’ve never actually purchased it myself (lucky, right?!). If I ever find out where she gets it from, I’ll add the link here!


Bulletproof Choffy – Paleo, Vegan
Printable PDF Recipe

Brew 8 ounces Choffy – I love the dark chocolate version.

Heat 4 – 8 ounces almond milk (the frothiest) or coconut milk while Choffy is brewing.

Pour hot milk, hot Choffy, and a tablespooon of grassfed butter, ghee or coconut oil in a blender; hit on high for a few second or until frothy!

Serve immediately. Yum!!!! 


Ningxia Red, Ningxia Nitro, and Ningxia Zyng 

Essential oils are loaded with pure energy that boost your body’s natural ability to burn, fuel and clean up any systems that are clogged with synthetic chemicals or addictive substances. You can order Ningxia products by going here.

Ningxia Red is loaded with powerful plant purees and essential oils all known for feeding our body and cleaning out the “rust” we build up over time. Cleaning up your own body is one way to start to burn cleaner, more efficiently and feel better all at the same time!

Ningxia Nitro is a tiny energy shot that has all the same energy plus a boost from black pepper and green tea. Ningxia Zyng is a canned beverage that is fizzy and loaded with plant power!

My favorite Ningxia Mocktail recipe follows!


Ningxia Red Mocktail
Printable PDF Recipe

16 ounces carbonated water (La Croix, Soda Stream, Pellegrino, mineral water)
2 ounces Ningxia Red
4 drops Orange Vitality Essential Oil
1 tablespoon dried Ningxia wolfberries

Combine all four ingredients in a glass jar or bottle. Swirl to blend and serve in a wine glass!


ningxia red


You can apply oils to your body – blends such as En-R-Gee, Motivation and Citrus Fresh are designed to help boost your energy capacity and get more done!

You can also diffuse them – citrus oils are great for boosting energy, and frankincense makes a great pair with any citrus.

Do you have a favorite diffuser blend for increasing energy?


Love and energy to ALL!