Continuous Improvement, or, Work Smarter and Rest More

I’ll improve this post later (promise! Sort of), but for now, if you’re here, you know why you’re here.

Download the Continuous Improvement Worksheet

I just put this together for myself today and I am sure I will improve it later, and refresh this file. Later I will add an editable version.

Want to see a sample? This is the laundry process I worked on for myself. I only partially filled it in on the computer because I plan to just haul it around on my perpetual clipboard and fill it in by hand.

When I used to work as a project manager for a lean manufacturing consulting firm, my boss’s favorite word was “granular”. For some reason, that has always lodged in my brain. “Let’s get really granular on this process,” he would say. So, “Hammer in a nail” became “Step to the right, pick up hammer, step to the left, pick up nail, position nail, swing hammer three times, step to the right, replace hammer on hook, step to the left, pick up block.”

I did not necessarily get QUITE that granular when I broke down the household process I am working on today (laundry), but I am paying attention to those details as I analyze the inefficiencies of each step.

Earning more free time makes me feel more relaxed (less guilty and stressed about pending projects), and I enjoy reading more or taking longer walks in the afternoon!

I hope you have fun with this!

I usually post more on Instagram but who knows really. See you in the chat box!