Yoga Playlist: Set One – peaceful to powerful

Dear peaceful,

There are some misty, lush days on the farm when the rain falls, the peepers peep, and the frogs splash.



Time to read a book – an old one, or a new one.

Sip some coffee; some tea; hot water with lemon slices soaking.



And maybe enjoy some yoga in the coolness of your own home, or here on the farm.

This is a favorite playlist I put together for a yoga class – it runs an hour and eleven minutes, so you can practice some quiet meditation and grounding for the first fifteen minutes, start the music, and then enjoy an introspective-to-powerful asana practice ending in savasana.  

The middle songs are faster moving – they’ll get the blood pumping and you’ll be inspired to move with the flow of music!  Prem Joshua is definitely one of my favorite artists when it comes to choosing music sets, and his upbeat Mangalam is one of the best songs in this set. 

The songs

Mirabai – Guru Ram Das

Deva Premal – Om Namo Bhagavate

Trevor Hall – The Lime Tree

Alexi Murdoch – Orange Sky

Zach Sobiech – Clouds

Secret Place – Prem Joshua

Prem Joshua – ”Mangalam”

The Beatles – Here Comes The Sun

Alexi Murdoch – Breathe

Deva Premal – Gayatri Mantra

Alexi Murdoch – Through The Dark

If you practice or teach yoga, who are your recommended artists, or what are your favorite songs?  Every teacher has a unique taste, and I love mashing them all up into one class! 


Mrs H