Essential Oils

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Essential Oils

We use a wide range of natural products to keep our family healthy and living at optimum wellness. Colloidal silver, Manuka honey, activated charcoal, living and fresh foods, fermented foods, bone broth, chiropractic care, yoga and active and engaged living with outdoor play and adventure are all among the many pieces of the big puzzle that keeps us healthy and happy.

Another cornerstone to our lifestyle of well, and a part of our mission to live free of toxins and make use of plants instead of synthetic chemicals, is essential oils.

I always had the vague idea that essential oils were just something used for fragrance, and then as I began to learn about their benefits to health I thought they were something you could use instead of synthetic options for tackling health issues or staying well.

I have now learned that they are far more than any of those things, and are an essential (ha!!) ingredient to not only being well and staying well, but actually something to use in replacement of the many thousands of synthetic toxins and chemicals that are so prevalent in our lifestyles today. Essential oils can actually be used as the active ingredient in creams, salves, shampoos, conditioners, and even in some patented over-the-counter medicinal products like cough drops and burn creams directly from Young Living.

Like everything else in our life, I did some over the top research into choosing a company to bring into our home, even visiting the farm and distillery several times and meeting personally with the founder, Gary Young. I am always looking for farms or companies that honor good stewardship of the land, treat their customers with care and respect, and produce a quality product at a reasonable price. Young Living scores in all of those regards and many, many more besides.


photo by Urban Utopia Photography. Used with permission.


The best way to start this whole oil shindig

I started with a Premium Starter Kit from Young Living. Click Wholesale to preview what comes in the starter kit and order your own. I was initially just looking for a decent collection of real oils (and as a bonus it comes with a free diffuser, but to be honest I didn’t really know what that was when I bought it so I didn’t realize what a great deal I was getting!), something I could use to cope with our health gaps that just weren’t quite being fulfilled with the other aspects of our wellness lifestyle.

As an added benefit, the starter kit includes a lifetime of 24% off all Young Living products, many free benefits, and by going through my link you also gain access to a phenomenal and supportive community of wellness, health, emotional support, encouragement, a crazy amount of recipes and a wealth of good ideas, and a network all over the United States and the world. You’ll also get a package of fun swag in the mail from me because #iheartyou for using my link and now we’re kind of BFFs sooooo yeah.



photo by Urban Utopia Photography. Used with permission.

That thing where you get all the toxins out

We are the generation that is the test subjects for the Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976 where THOUSANDS of untested chemicals – chemicals with NO data for human usage WHATSOEVER – were grandfathered into the allowable chemicals list. With over 6,000 hospitals across the U.S. and more being built every year, and every hospital and doctor’s office filling with patients suffering from epidemics of cancer and emotional distress and lung problems and more, we can safely say the numbers are IN and the thousands of tons of chemicals that are being absorbed by our collective bodies are destructive and unhealthy. 

Young Living was promoting clean lifestyles and chemical-free living long before it was “hip” or “cool” and long before the popular greenwashed labels for chemical-laced “natural” products hit the market.

I learned a lot more from Young Living than just basic health and wellness with essential oils as a support crew. They have provided access to an entire world of education on hormone support, cleansing, detoxing, physical fitness support, supplements, healthy eating, emotional and mental health support, and a clear avenue for how to detoxify my entire house from top to bottom.

Our house is so chemical-free and clean now that my kids could literally drink the toilet bowl cleaner or the laundry detergent and they’d be fine. Ew, gross, don’t kiss me with that mouth, but they’d be fine. And actually probably healthier for it.

Ironic to say this as the writer of a blog, but I was that girl that got overwhelmed and shut down with decision-making anxiety from the many billions of recipes offered online for everything from toxin free soap bars to healthy granola bars to simple mom remedies. I literally refused to read the labels on my soap for years because I knew once I read them I would be down the rabbit hole of research trying to find a clean company or a clean recipes and it was, frankly, exhausting and intimidating.

Imagine my relief to find that Young Living literally offers ALL of these products and HUNDREDS more besides. I CAN choose to make my own toxin-free products for the home using my essential oils, but I can also buy clean, trust-worthy products from Young Living if I so choose (and I do so choose because I have three kids now so let’s be real, time is of the essence).


photo by Urban Utopia Photography. Used with permission.

Get the free things because free is budget-friendly

Sign up for Essential Rewards when you purchase your Premium Starter Kit. I always recommend the Thieves Essential Rewards bundle, or if you want to build a custom Essential Rewards bundle try the Thieves Household Cleaner (it is life. Google it for like one second), Cool Azul Pain Cream (literally every single person that has tried it has immediately ordered it so since we are on the interwebs and I can’t just grab it from my bag and have you try it, you’ll have to take my word for it), Cedarwood because #sleepisamazing, Lemon-Sandalwood Soap Bar, and Ningxia Red

Any Essential Rewards order over 100PV will automatically get a free oil added on so score, and the more you add up to 300PV, the more free stuff you have added on to your order, usually up to about $200 – 250 in additional free product.








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