Asana Practice

I  teach in Seattle, Washington on a periodic basis, and I’ll post the Seattle dates here as they are set!

Yoga Notes

Yoga Before and After |  When an inflexible person goes to yoga.

Why I Do Yoga  |  Yoga changed my life in hundreds of ways. One of the first things people notice is what happened to my confidence – it was allowed to emerge and become strong! My body changed, my outlook was freed, and my personal perspective of myself was changed from a lie to the truth.


Baptiste Level One  |  This post includes the hilarious spoof video our graduating class made of going through Level One. More importantly, the article gives a glimpse into what a student will go through at the strenuous, intensely physical and emotional experience of the Baron Baptiste method’s Level One training.

Playlist One  |  Enjoy a playlist I’ve assembled, with music from some of my favorite artists to practice to.  This playlist is about an hour and fifteen minutes long, and is an excellent accompaniment for your home practice or teaching in your studio.

Photos by Matt Palalay Photography





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