Five Refreshing Summer Popsicles

Dear sweaty,

It’s always popsicle season in our house! It’s one of the easiest, most fun ways to get extra nutrition into the kids!

summer popsicles

Clockwise from top: Lavender-Blueberry Ice Cream Pops, Lavender Lemonade and Iced Slique Arnold Palmers, Probiotic Berry Blast, Summer Sunshine Ice Pops, Island Citrus Cream Pops

Buying popsicles is almost impossible because everything is loaded with corn syrup, food dyes, artificial flavors and more or else is prohibitively expensive; but homemade is economical, produces no extra waste and these are packed with goodness!

These are a few recipes we made this summer that the kids are loving.

Note: How many popsicles each recipe makes depends on the size of your popsicle molds.


Lavender Blueberry Ice Cream Pops

Lavender-Blueberry Ice Cream Pops (vegan)

The original recipe for this came from Essential Oils, the Young Living magazine, so I can’t take credit for this one! Either served as a smoothie, churned into ice cream or frozen in pops, it’s delicious! Original recipe here

2 cups frozen blueberries
1 cup full-fat coconut cream
4 teaspoons Blue Agave
4 drops Lavender Vitality™ essential oil
Optional: I added 4 drops Orange Vitality essential oil
Up to ⅓ cup coconut water

Blend ingredients, adding coconut water as needed. Pour into molds; add additional frozen blueberries to the top before inserting sticks, if desired! Freeze until solid.


Lavender Lemonade and Iced Slique Arnold Palmers

Lavender Lemonade and Iced Slique Arnold Palmers (vegan)

A classic “Arnie Palmie” is layered lemonade and sweet iced tea with milk. What better fresh take on this, than layering our favorite lavender lemonade, and lightly sweetened iced Slique tea? Both of these beverages can stand alone as a cold drink or as individual popsicles, and layered they make a delightful alternating tart and sweet treat!

Lavender Lemonade

2 cups warm or hot water
1/4 cup lemon juice or to taste (do not use concentrate)
A few tablespoons Young Living Blue Agave (or raw honey), to taste
1 – 2 drops Lavender Vitality essential oil, or to taste
Optional: 1 – 4 drops Lemon Vitality Oil, Lime Vitality Oil, Citrus Fresh Vitality oil or Jade Lemon Vitality oil, to taste

Pour all ingredients into a quart mason jar or blender; shake vigorously to combine. If you used hot water, just stir. Set aside in fridge to chill.

Milky Iced Slique Tea

Filtered water
1 Slique tea bag
Unsweetened almond milk, vanilla almond milk or another nondairy milk or creamer
Optional: 3 drops Jade Lemon Vitality Oil
Optional: 1 teaspoon Young Living Blue Agave

If using Jade Lemon, drop it on the Slique Tea bag and place it in a quart main jar (I remove the string, too).

Heat 1 cup of water to almost boiling. Pour into the prepared quart mason. Let steep for about ten or fifteen minutes; leaving the tea bag in the jar, add another cup of cold water and a lid and set aside in the fridge until chilled.

Add 1/3 or more of your milk of choice to the chilled tea – if you stop right here you have my favorite cold energy drink!

Making the popsicles

Spoon or pour lemonade into the first quarter of the popsicle molds and set aside in the freezer until solid, typically two hours. Add iced tea to the next quarter so they are halfway filled, and freeze again; continue freezing and layering until full.

Probiotic Berry Blast - creamy popsicles made with kefir

Probiotic Berry Blast – creamy popsicles made with kefir

Probiotic Berry Blast

Popsicles and smoothies are one of the easiest ways to slip probiotics into the kids’ meals, and I make sure they eat at least one probiotic food and take one MightyPro every day – our gut health holds the key to health in all other systems of our body, so it’s an important place to put our focus!

2 cups kefir
2 cups frozen mixed berries
10 drops orange

Blend and pour into molds. Pack extra frozen berries into the top if desired before inserting sticks! Freeze until solid.

Summer Sunshine Ice Pops (vegan) made with essential oils

Summer Sunshine Ice Pops (vegan)

Summer Sunshine Ice Pops (vegan)

Simple and clean, I have to say this is one of my favorites ways to get Ningxia in! This is another one of our daily supplements and this ice popsicle tastes just like a burst of summer sunshine! 🌞

1/2 cup Ningxia Red
1 cup cold water
10 drops orange vitality essential oil
10 drops lemon vitality OR jade lemon vitality essential oil
Optional: 1 teaspoon maple syrup or Young Living Blue Agave
Optional: frozen berries or Dried Ningxia Wolfberries

Blend all ingredients together except berries, or shake vigorously in a mason jar. Pour into molds and drop in frozen or fried berries before inserting sticks. Freeze until solid.

Island Citrus Cream Pops (vegan), coconut, mango, pineapple and citrus essential oils

Island Citrus Cream Pops (vegan)

Island Citrus Cream Pops (vegan)

This creamy popsicle is a great way to float to the islands! A non-vegan alternative is to add a few tablespoons of kefir, which I do for an added dose of probiotics.

2 cups frozen pineapple
1 cup frozen mango
The separated cream from 1 can of coconut milk (reserve the liquid for using in another smoothie or in case your blender needs added liquid for this one!)
10 drops any citrus vitality oil – Jade Lemon Vitality or Citrus Fresh Vitality is my favorite!

Blend all ingredients, adding some reserved liquid if needed. It does not need to be perfectly smooth! Scoop into molds and freeze until solid.


Popsicle Molds

First choice: these are stainless steel (no plastic) and the frame is unpainted so less likely to crack.

Stainless Steel Popsicle Molds

Second choice: I love the molds themselves, but the frame is painted and it has split and cracked over time. It doesn’t affect the actual MAKING of the popsicles but it just looks unattractive. I do love that they are stainless steel!

Stainless Steel Rocket Popsicle Molds

If you want to crank out a TON of popsicles at a time, this mold is the one for you. There are several differen shape options and “B” is my favorite with the classic creamsicle look; I really, really ridiculously want this one day haha!

20 Piece Stainless Steel Mold

This is the mold used for the Probiotic Berry Blast pop – they are SUPER easy to pop out of the molds with a splash of hot water (even without it). They are made from plastic, though.

Zoku Classic Pop Molds

Silicone molds are really easy to push popsicles out of without warm water. This larger mold is similar to the 4-pop mold I used for the Island Citrus Pops and the Lavender Blueberry pops, which was a limited edition mold from Young Living.

Silicone 10-Mold Popsicle

You can also make molds easily and cheaply by using small cups or 8 ounce jam jars, and putting a piece of foil over the top to hold the popsicle stick or spoon in place for the  handle!

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